Lean Techniques & Assessment

Lean is a methodology that maximizes shareholder value by achieving improvement in cost, cycle time, product and process quality, invested capital and profit. Lean and Six Sigma are often implemented together because neither alone improves process capability, speed and workflow, but together they do all this while reducing capital investment and empowering your workforce. What a great team!

Are you looking to improve quality, cost, lead-time and profit? Want to know where to start?

Quality & Productivity Solutions, Inc. is a well-qualified team with a unique method for selecting and deploying improvement projects that maximize breakthrough results. Experts in the field of quality, production and inventory control, our consultants have trained and implemented all types of business improvement practices and have managed several successful Lean projects from start to finish. We offer a valuable Lean assessment to help you decide which projects will provide breakthrough results, and offer customized training for each of our clients, doing all that is needed to set up a successful program for your business.

With over 50 years’ experience in the areas of quality and operations, our knowledge, understanding and service are unmatched in the industry. Our training provides a practical approach to understanding Lean principles for all levels in any type of businesses. Learn how Lean thinking stacks up to other concepts and why it works hand-in-hand with Six Sigma and ISO 9000 to take you to the top of your industry and keep that competitive edge. We share our knowledge, experience and skills with you to improve:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Flexibility
  • Throughput
  • Productivity
  • Market Share
  • Customer Satisfaction

Lean Assessment:

Reviewing a business and its systems can be challenging for those entrenched in daily operations. At QPS, we understand that to remain a force in the marketplace, you need to be great at everything you do. From sales and service, plan to design, first to final product, you need efficiency and effectiveness. You need to know where to utilize your resources for the best outcomes. Our focus is to help you grow, making bottom-line impact using minimal expense. Our senior consultants will provide you a Lean assessment to enable you to take the first step to extraordinary improvement. Take advantage of our knowledge, analysis and success and get free advice to consider in your next steps. Call us today!

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