ISO and Related

There are many different ISO standards developed for the needs of various industries for management systems. The ISO set of standards have become an important mechanism to implement an externally-accepted quality system and provide opportunities for continued improvement.

QPS has assisted hundreds of companies to develop a management system for many ISO standards. As an Exemplar Certified Training Provider, we have guided many companies in automotive, medical device, pharmaceutical, health and human services, food and other manufacturing industries (e.g. consumer goods, aerospace, defense). As our customer, we guarantee your satisfaction, including first attempt registration.

QPS provides whatever the help and support you need including assessment, documentation, consulting, training and registration preparation for:

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QPS will help you take your business where you want it to be—whether it be upgrading a current system, an initiative to streamline efficiency and/or costs, or the implementation of a new system. With QPS, our clients get ‘the works’. From gap analysis and planning to implementation and registration, we stand alongside you, training employees and auditors to be team players. We help create culture change, build confidence in the system and support management as well as all the process owners to make your system a success. We create a plan with you to meet your needs; providing the training, materials, and certificates to enable you to move forward and manage the system long after we’re gone.

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